Who is SinRopes?
The short answer is that I drink whisky and tie people up.
The longer answer is: I am an artist who mostly works with photography, ink and paint, video, rope--this is the tying people up part--and live performance. I’m deeply influenced by a wide range of art including the work of Francis Bacon, Barbara Kruger, Baroque masters like Bernini and Caravaggio, and modernist photographers like the members of Group F/64. And I drink whisky.
October, 2021: Artist Funk, Saturation Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
August, 2021: Visionaries: The Seen and Unseen, Gallery 54, Las Vegas, NV
July, 2021: Hot Girl Summer, Saturation Gallery, Las Vegas, NV
March, 2021: Memento Mori, Compulsion Studio, Las Vegas, NV​​​​​​​
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