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What is Shibari?

Shibari, kinbaku, rope, bondage. What exactly does it mean when I say I tie people up?

Simple Bondage Ties

Bondage is dangerous, you shouldn’t try it at home. But these are a few of the simplest bedroom rope bondage ties.

Rope Bondage Positions, Ties and Shapes

Some of my favorite positions to tie people into.

Bondage Rope

A few of my favorite types of rope to use for bondage.

Anatomy of a Bondage Rope

From end knot to end knot and everything in between, learn what a bondage rope is made of.

Caring for Bondage Rope

Bondage rope requires care and maintenance. Here’s how I do it.

Basic Shibari Knots

A very short list of some of the most basic knots I use. This isn’t instruction.

The History of Rope Bondage Art

Where did all this come from? An abridged history of Japanese and Western rope bondage in art.

How to Hank Bondage Rope

A short video where I teach you how to hank rope the way I like my rope hanked.